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Beloved Bulgarian Delivery Man
Bendel Pluckma (now deceased)
On His Motorbike Enroute To His Next Stop
Delivering Eggs On The Island Of Juan Fernandez In 1947
Bendel Was A Well Known Authority On Unidentified Flying Objects
A 4"x3.5" Watercolor by David Saks

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David Saks

Winner of the Coveted Memphex 2019 Marshall Trophy for "Best of Show"
Philatelic Exhibit "The Famous American Stamp Series of 1940"

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 " On the "no facial laceration scale"

Harry's beats them all,

lasts longer than any blade on earth,

the best buy ever,

the smoothest shave next to a woman's legs,

best damned razor on the planet & you'd be a fool not to buy one ! "

-David Saks-


Superman's Hair Turns Blue

While Being Attacked By The Kryptonite Eye

A 4" x 3.5" watercolor by David Saks