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The Most Valuable Elvis Presley First Day Cover In The World

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 The Most Valuable
Elvis Presley First Day Cover
In The World
The King of Rock & Roll represented in this philatelic treasure signed by Priscilla Presley & Graceland's attending dignitaries, including Memphis Mayor Bill Morris, Elvis' best friend George Klein, recording engineer Sam Phillips, United States Postmaster General Anthony Frank, the artist who designed the stamp, Mark Stutzman & others.
Pitney Bowes machine cancel on front, reverse has the Graceland Gates fdc cancel, an extra January 8 circular date slug on the back assuring that the cover was not canceled at a later time, & very tiny smudge from Priscilla's thumb on front.
It is one of the great philatelic gems of the world & a brilliant example of the postal history of the United States.
There is no other.
To include all associative provenance & documents of authenticity from Graceland, it is the first cover & stamp to be officially cancelled by representatives of the United States Postal Service & Graceland on Friday, January 8, 1993 at 12:15 am in Memphis, Tennessee.
The Front:
It is signed by Priscilla Presley,the Postmaster General of the United States,Anthony Frank,the Mayor of Shelby County,Bill Morris,Sam Phillips,Mark Stutzman,George Klein and Jerry Schilling.The Graceland Meter Cancellation strikes the stamp.
The Reverse Side:
It is signed by Frank P.Brennan Jr.,General Manager of the Media Relations Division of The United States Postal Service,Bill McAllister,the Philatelic Writer for The Washington Post,and Mark McEwen,anchorman of CBS This Morning.
The Graceland Gate Cancellation adorns the reverse in addition to the circular date stamp of Jan 8,1993,including the Graceland zip code,38101.
The Upper Left Corner of the Flap Signed by Graceland CEO and General Manager Jack Soden.
Two Letters of Authenticity
Authorized by Graceland Manager Debby Johnson and Signed by Graceland Merchandising Manager Laura Ferguson.
David Saks' Guest Editorial in The American Philatelist March 1993.
The Commercial Appeal Article About David Published Thanksgiving Day 1992.
The Letter of Congratulations Bill Welch Editor of The American Philatelist.
The Cover of The March 1993 Edition of The American Philatelist.
David Saks in Front of Graceland 1993 With Elvis' First Day Cover.
Honorarium Check From The American Philatelic Society.

David With Elvis' First Day Cover on the U.S. Mail Truck January 1993.
The Honorarium Letter From Bill Welch & The American Philatelic Society.

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