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Raymond H. Weill

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 Raymond & Roger

 Brothers Raymond Weill (September 29, 1913 - April 21, 2003) &

Roger Weill (June 12, 1909 - March 2, 1991) greatly inspired David when he was a child.

They fostered his ardent love of philately.

Raymond & Roger were admired and trusted by stamp collectors throughout the world.

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Raymond and Roger Weill
Letter from Raymond H. Weill
 Letter from Raymond  to David
Letter from Raymond H. Weill to David Saks
Letter from Raymond  to David
1954 Weill Brothers stamp catalog signed by Raymond for David.
Raymond H. Weill Stamp Catalog
Raymond autographed this card for David during their final visit in 1992
Raymond H. Weill autograph
Weill Brother's Ads Graced The Scott © Stamp Catalog Back Cover For Many Years.
Here Are Some Beautiful Examples.
Weill - Scott Catalog Back Cover Volume One 1981
The Weill Brothers Post Office Mauritius
Weill - Scott Catalog Volume 2 Back Cover 1981
407 Royal Street New Orleans
Weill - Scott Catalog Volume 3 Back Cover 1981
The Great Universe of Philately
Weill - Back Cover 1981 Scott Catalog Volume 4
 Scott Catalog© illustrations displayed with permission of Amos Media
A Family Collecting Stamps Together

My Business Card
by David Saks
Take my business card
It's plain, not much to see
Maybe some day you'll find it again
And have nice thoughts of me
Keep it in your favorite book
Or underneath your phone
Right there on the table
Somewhere inside your home
Here's my business card
Please take it in your hand
I hope one day we'll meet again
Till then please understand
It's just my business card
Call me when it's right
But darling you're the only girl
Who can call me late at night

Steinway Piano Solo
"Before You Go"

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