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  1. Monthly Payment
  2. Future Value
  3. Compound Annual Rate
  4. Remaining Debt
  5. Monthly Payment with Possible Tax and/or Insurance
  6. Periodic Compound Interest
  7. Compound Interest's Factors
  8. Compound Interest & Effective Rate
  9. Mortgage Payments
  10. Mortgage Payments Schedule
  11. Accelerating Mortgage Payments
  12. Future Value of an Annuity
  13. When Will Your Retirement Capital Run Out?
  14. DavidSaks.Com
  15. Your Loan's Monthly Payment
  16. Retirement Planner's Calculator
  17. Buying/Selling Stocks with Commissions

Replace the existing numerical examples with your own case-information, and then click Calculate

Monthly Payment

Number of Payments :
Interest Rate :
Principal :
Monthly Payment :

Future Value

Total invested each month :
Number of month/years to aquire sum :
Interest rate on savings (%):
Total :

Compound Annual Rate

Initial Sum :
Number of Years Invested :
Final Sum:
Compound Annual Rate (%) :

Remaining Debt

Principal ($) :
Annual Rate of Interest (%) :
Years :
Number of (monthly) Payments to Date :
Monthly Payment ($) :
Debt Remaining After Monthly Payments ($) :

Monthly Payment with Possible Tax and/or Insurance

Years :
Interest Rate :
Loan Amount :
Annual Tax :
Annual Insurance :
Monthly Principal + Interest :
Monthly Tax :
Monthly Insurance :
Total Payment :

Periodic Compound Interest

Principal :
Interest Rate :
Period :
days weeks years
Calculated :
Result :

Compound Interest's Factors

Provide numerical values for 3 cells to get the 4th one.

Present Value :
Future Value :
Term :
Periodic Rate :
Result for Empty Cell :

Compound Interest & Effective Rate

Principal ($) :
Annual Interest Rate (%) :
No. of periods per year :
Years :
Amount ($) :
Effective Annual Rate ($) :

Mortgage Payments

Principal ($) :
Annual Interest Rate (%) :
Years :
K = No. of Payments :
Monthly Payment ($) :
Debt after K Payments ($) :


Accelerating Mortgage Payments

Principal ($) :
Annual Interest Rate (%) :
Monthly Payment ($) :
No. of Payments :

Future Value of an Annuity

Amount of Periodic Payment ($) :
Interest Rate per Period (%) :
Number of Payments :
Future Value of Annuity ($) :

David's Real Estate Links

When Will Your Money Run Out?

Capital ($C):
Annual Expense ($E) :
Interest Rate(i) :
Inflation Rate (j) :
Years (n) :

What Should Be the Present Value of a Bond You Need?

Number of Year to Maturity (N):
Interest Rate ($i) :
The Dividend ($D) :
The Face-value in N years ($F) :
Value of the Bond You Need($V) :

Your Loan's Monthly Payment

Loan Amount:
Annual Tax:
Annual Insurance:
Total Payment:

Retirement Planner's Calculator

Pre-Retirement Factors
Accumulated Principal $
Annual Addition $
Years to Build    
Growth Rate Percentage     %
During Retirement Factors
Years for Payouts    
Growth Rate Percentage     %
Annual Retirement Income $

Buying/Selling Stocks with Commissions

Purchase Price:
Sell Price:
Buy commission:
Sell Commission:
Purchased For:
Sold For:

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