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Williams Street Swap Shop

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Williams Street Swap Shop, also known as WSSS, was a web streamed, televised program  hosted by Matt Hutchinson and Zach White, two of the greatest American humorists of our time.

Emmy Award winners, they upheld the revered  traditions of Mark Twain, Will Rogers and Bennett Cerf.
They understood very well that laughter is the greatest medicine, and that the quickest way to repair a broken heart is through tickled ribs.
In that regard, Matt and Zach were great physicians.
They had many fans who depended upon their power to heal with a prescription for comedy.
Their viewers lives were enriched by them.
Inspired by them.
Their fans enjoyed well-being and contentment because of them.
The thought of Matt and Zach will always bring bountiful, big smiles, an abundance of laughter and heart warming memories to their millions of fans throughout the world, all who have known and loved them.
Their extraordinary work, good deeds and humor will never be forgotten.
Williams Street Swap Shop is an enduring legacy.
The last show was aired November 25th 2020.  

It is with the greatest respect, appreciation and love that I
thank you, Matt & Zach, for making the world a better place.
-David Saks- 
Williams Street Swap - The Complete Series
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Emmy Award - nominated artist & Swap Shop host
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Zach's original art will be unique to each drive purchased.
Once purchased the drive may take a week or so to produce and ship.
Very few are available.

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In addition to being hailed as one of the greatest comedy variety series ever produced,
Williams Street Swap Shop features the most brilliant artists,
animators, musicians, filmmakers and guests from all over the world.
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My Business Card
by David Saks
Take my business card
It's plain, not much to see
Maybe some day you'll find it again
And have nice thoughts of me
Keep it in your favorite book
Or underneath your phone
Right there on the table
Somewhere inside your home
Here's my business card
Please take it in your hand
I hope one day we'll meet again
Till then please understand
It's just my business card
Call me when it's right
But darling you're the only girl
Who can call me late at night

Steinway Piano Solo
"Before You Go"

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