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 The Bobby Fischer Interviews
 Robert James Fischer (March 9, 1943 – January 17, 2008) was an American chess grandmaster and the eleventh World Chess Champion. Many consider him to be the greatest chess player of all time. These are the last interviews with Bobby while he was a fugitive. Please understand that the interviews are alarming. Tragically, Bobby was cognitively impaired. They are the archival remains of the thunderous verbal attacks of a man whose mental faculties were disturbed, enraged and exploding with violence.  The worlds chess players have been able to forgive him because of his illness. Because of his sickness, none will ever believe that Bobby meant the terrible things that he said.  Antisemitism is a horribly gruesome malaise.  A sinister, menacing disease.  We must  cherish the transparently clear moments and  humorous recollections of the most brilliant chess player who ever lived and find a way to forgive him.
 As Bobby believed in the last days of life that he had been betrayed by friends and family that he loved and trusted, he struggled and suffered with an incomprehensible, shocking degree of psychosis, madness, anger  and mental illness the likes of which the chess world had never seen. He needed love and kindness, perhaps cures for his illness. Along with his millions of fans throughout the entire world, I'll never believe that he meant the things that he said during his interviews, and, as the world of chess has properly done so, I would forgive Bobby, even as it appeared that he was betraying his nation. He was very sick and there was nothing that we could do as a nation to help him other than to forgive him.
Chess players will always wonder whether or not it was ultimately
the game that killed the greatest chess champion that ever  lived.
- David Saks -

Bobby Fischer Live Radio Interviews
( please excercise caution)
  City Country Month Day Year Length Time
Budapest Hungary Jan 13 1999 30:39 20:02 10:37        
 2nd   Baguio  
Philippines Jan 14 1999 32:23 20:01 12:22        
3rd Baguio Philippines Jan 27 1999 33:10 20:00 13:10        
4th Baguio Philippines Feb 9 1999 31:14 20:02 11:12        
5th Manila Philippines March 10 1999 114:19 20:00 20:05 19:59 19:57 20:03 14:15
6th Baguio Philippines March 25 1999 66:18 20:01 19:59 20:00 6:18    
7th Baguio Philippines May 24 1999 61:06 20:02 20:00 21:04      
8th Dagupan Philippines June 27 1999 118:45 20:01 20:00 20:00 20:00 20:02 18:42
9th Baguio Philippines Oct 16 1999 68:41 20:04 20:17 28:20      
10th Baguio Philippines Jan 19 2000 62:35 19:59 20:02 22:34      
11th Baguio Philippines Aug 9 2000 66:02 20:00 20:02 26:00      
12th Baguio Philippines Aug 22 2000 74:03 20:01 20:00 20:03 13:59    
13th Dagupan Philippines Sept 8 2000 94:52 20:02 20:00 19:59 20:02 14:49  
14th Baguio Philippines Sept 18 2000 83:45 19:59 20:00 20:03 19:59 3:44  
15th Manila Philippines Sept 26 2000 118:48 20:00 20:00 20:02 20:00 20:02 18:44
16th Baguio Philippines April 28 2001 61:40 20:31 20:16 20:33      
17th Baguio Philippines June 30 2001 66:32 19:54 20:23 19:45 6:30    
18th Manila Philippines July 6 2001 118:09 20:02 20:19 19:31 19:46 19:40 18:51
19th Baguio Philippines Sept 11 2001 12:00 12:00          
20th Reykjavik Iceland Jan 27 2002 28:37 20:03 8:34        

Bob Hope & Bobby Fischer

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Budapest 1st A

Budapest 1st B

Baguio 2nd A

Baguio 2nd B

Baguio 3rd A

Baguio 3rd B

Baguio 4th A

Baguio 4th B

Manila 5th A

Manila 5th B

Manila 5th C

Manila 5th D

Manila 5th E

Manila 5th F

Baguio 6th A

Baguio 6th B

Baguio 6th C

Baguio 6th D

Baguio 7th A

Baguio 7th B

Baguio 7th C

Dagupan 8th A

Dagupan 8th B

Dagupan 8th C

Dagupan 8th D

Dagupan 8th E

Dagupan 8th F

Baguio 9th A

Baguio 9th B

Baguio 9th C

Baguio 10th A

Baguio 10th B

Baguio 10th C

Baguio 11th A

Baguio 11th B

Baguio 11th C

Baguio 12th A

Baguio 12th B

Baguio 12th C

Baguio 12th D

Dagupan 13th A

Dagupan 13th B

Dagupan 13th C

Dagupan 13th D

Dagupan 13th E

Baguio 14th A

Baguio 14th B

Baguio 14th C

Baguio 14th D

Baguio 14th E

Manila 15th A

Manila 15th B

Manila 15th C

Manila 15th D

Manila 15th E

Manila 15th F

Baguio 16th A

Baguio 16th B

Baguio 16th C

Baguio 17th A

Baguio 17th B

Baguio 17th C

Manila 18th A

Manila 18th B

Manila 18th C

Manila 18th D

Manila 18th E

Manila 18th F

Baguio 19th A

Reykjavik 20th A

Reykjavik 20th B

Manila 21st A

Manila 21st B

Manila 21st C

Baguio 22nd A

Baguio 22nd B

Reykjavik 23rd A

Reykjavik 23rd B

Manila 24th A

Manila 24th B

Manila 24th C

Baguio 25th A

Baguio 25th B

Manila 26 A

Manila 26 B

Baguio 27th A

Baguio 27th B

Manila 28th A

Manila 28th B

Baguio 29th A

Manila 30th A

Manila 30th B

Manila 30th C

Manila 31st A

Manila 31st B

Manila 31st C

Manila 31st D

Bogota 32nd A

Bogota 32nd B

Reykjavik 33rd A

Reykjavik 33rd B

Reykjavik 33rd C

Moscow 34th A

Moscow 34th B

Moscow 34th C

Moscow 34th D