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 This brief essay is dedicated to the memory of
my dear friend, mentor and fellow stamp collector, 

Professor Fred W. Neal 


Religion Department, Rhodes College, and director of the "Search" course.

Trampled Veneration

 175 Years Of Elitist Autocracy
Megalomania, Antisemitism & Racism
 1848 -2023

 The Dying Lioness Of Nineveh 
Assyria 645-635 BCE
The Dying Lynx Of North Parkway
Memphis, Tennessee 1848 - 2023 CE
Once a college degree becomes a pedagogue's license to exercise authoritarian hypocrisy
the values that they searched for and discovered in the light of western history and religion
become meritless, trashy, insolvent, obsolete, dishonorable and bankrupted.
Their lives are filled with insidious nightmares instead of
brilliantly illuminated dreams replete with moral excellence
and a redemptive measure of that which is good, meritorious and useful.
 Filthy academicians that behave as arrogant elitists should have
their worthless diplomas stuffed in wooden crates labeled "environmental waste",
rocketed into space by NASA, returned incinerated, glowing like a meteor, a Roman candle
upon reentry into the earth's atmosphere for the entire planet to witness and celebrate.
Every academician, professor, any faculty member that displays an
unwarranted, baseless, unfounded, unjustifiable attitude of
irreverence toward any student, or layman, is a scornful, abusive
criminal that imperils the welfare, prosperity,
dignity and future of that student.
Laymen will reject you, nor trust you,
look down on and despise you, 
harbor contempt for and fully disrespect you.
Pedagogues obsessed with a compulsive desire to exert groundless control
over colleagues and students routinely use naive pupils as dangerous decoys.
Gullible pupils become felonious accomplices once they regurgitate inane,
recondite, unoriginal, outdated profundity overheard in a stale classroom
classically puked from the mouth of an irksome, immodest lectern lunatic
addressed as "professor". A faculty member that has neither conscience, respect,
scruples or moral sense for themselves, their profession or their students.
 Roll, Lynx, roll away the stone.
 The tedious search is over and there's nothing of value in that empty space.
Because of your exaggerated opinion of your importance
your immodest sandstone, slate and limestone edifice eroded,
fretted away and became gravel, dirt and dust once again.
Climbing the intellectual and academic ladder at Rhodes College isn't possible
if the ladder's rungs are missing and broken.
You will fail and you will fall.
I caution students to never get on the bad side of
small-minded faculty members who have a little authority.
You'll discover that your diploma is a worthless piece
of paper bearing the signatures of drumbeaters, partisans and zealots
who routinely barricade student resources necessary to overcome challenges, and deny
and rob these resources with elitist autocracy infused with greed and self-aggrandizement.
My friends at Rhodes College, and elsewhere,
will tell you that I once believed that for every bad thing found
in the heart of every man or woman there are ten good things
that will make themselves visible to you in time.
Not this time.
It's bad enough that Rhodes' College Alma Mater
is a musically plagiarized version of
"I've Been Working On The Railroad".
 Mark Twain said,
"Never argue with a fool in public. Onlookers will mistake you both for fools."
I trust those with honor will tell PJ
that I'm away because of these fools and that
I don't argue with them in public or private.
I've read the literature, seen the paintings,
listened to the music, witnessed the science,
and heard the voices of enough fools.
I hope that they keep their hands far away from your food and water.
I'm filled with fear that they'll poison your bowl with
 dogma, anti-semitism, racial and fanatical religious segregation.
Yet, my dear, sweet little friend, there are fortunate few among you who
enter the door to the hallowed halls where you daily dine.
Those whose hearts are compassioned, charitable and kind.
 Those who will always remember that I was yours.
And you were mine.

“And that inverted Bowl we call The Sky,
Whereunder crawling coop't we live and die,
Lift not thy hands to it for help -- for It
Rolls impotently on as Thou or I.”

Omar Khayyám
b. May 18th 1048 - d. December 4th 1131

David Cleve Saks may seem docile, mysterious and different on first impression.
However, he is a remarkable man. Saks is highly independent and self-sufficient.
His exceptional intelligence, sense of humor and wisdom are quickly noticed upon interaction with him.
He is a respectable man and many are deeply and positively affected by his very cordial, warm and sincere nature.
Saks is not one to attract people on the basis of his warmth or compassion, however - though he is loaded with both - but because of his obvious insight and common sense.
Saks may appear to be hard to get to know and is often withdrawn, but this is the fabric of a rather modest man. It is common for people to see his focus turn inside of himself in the middle of a conversation.
Saks clearly has the makings of an intellectual, but he has, in remarkably humble fashion, guarded against arrogance and an attitude of "I've got it all figured out".
There have been periods in Saks' life when he had little concern for style, while at other times he is very aware of his surrounding and uses it to make a specific impression.
Saks appears dignified no matter how he perceives the moment, but he is a rather well groomed man with a touch of dash and definitely has some advantages.
Saks is quiet and never exhibits self-importance. His confidence increases when he knows he is well received.
Saks is a gifted musician, an extraordinary pianist, brilliant, spiritual, religious, and a romantic at heart with his very own ideas regarding the purpose of life which at times tragically self-inflict controversy for him.
He is an inspired speaker and conversationalist to a distinctly greater extent or degree than is common when discussing subjects that interest him.
Otherwise, Saks is not one for chatter.
His love of knowledge and his wisdom manifest of such surpassing excellence as to suggest divine inspiration.
David Saks first arrived on the Southwestern at Memphis  / Rhodes College campus in 1970.
Although a Rhodes student, and awarded a scholarship, he never chased a degree.
David's loyalty, respect, devotion and great love for learning, the piano and Rhodes College are distinctive characteristics that have distinguished him as a beloved member of the community.