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 The Beginning Of

The Age of Abandonment

The State of Tennessee

1848 - 2023


The Destruction Of Idolatry

And The Condemnation Of Civilization

 175 Years of Evil

Don't walk behind me; I may not lead.

Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow.

Just walk beside me and be my friend.

—Albert Camus-

Nov 07, 1913 - Jan 04, 1960

The Dying Lioness of Nineveh 
 Assyria 645-635 BCE
Once a college degree becomes a pedagogue's license to exercise authoritarian hypocrisy
the values that they searched for and discovered in the light of western history and religion
become meritless, trashy, insolvent, obsolete, dishonorable and bankrupted.
Their lives are filled with insidious nightmares instead of
brilliantly illuminated dreams replete with moral excellence
and a redemptive measure of that which is good, meritorious and useful.
Mark Twain said,
"Never argue with a fool in public. Onlookers will mistake you both for fools."
 Filthy academicians that behave as arrogant elitists should have
their worthless diplomas stuffed in wooden crates labeled "environmental waste",
rocketed into space by NASA, returned incinerated, glowing like a meteor, a Roman candle
upon reentry into the earth's atmosphere for the entire planet to witness and celebrate.
Every academician, professor, any faculty member that displays an
unwarranted, baseless, unfounded, unjustifiable attitude of
irreverence toward any student is a contemptuous criminal that
imperils the welfare, prosperity, dignity and future of that student.
Pedagogues obsessed with a compulsive desire to exert groundless control
over colleagues and students routinely use naive pupils as dangerous decoys.
Gullible pupils become felonious accomplices once they regurgitate inane,
recondite, unoriginal, outdated profundity overheard in a stale classroom
classically puked from the mouth of an irksome, self-aggrandizing lecturn lunatic
addressed as "professor". A faculty member that has neither conscience, respect,
scruples or moral sense for themsleves, their profession or their students.
 Roll, Lynx, roll away the stone.
 The tedious search is over and there's nothing of value in that empty space.
Your sandstone, slate and limestone edifice eroded,
fretted away and became gravel, dirt and dust once again.
I trust those with honor will tell PJ
that I'm away because of fools and that
I don't argue with them in public or private.
I've read the literature, seen the paintings,
heard the music, witnessed the science,
and heard the voices of enough fools.
I hope that they keep their hands far away from your food and water.
I'm filled with the fear that they'll poison it with
 dogma, hatred, anti-semitism, racism and heresy.
Climbing the intellectual and academic ladder at Rhodes College isn't possible
 because the ladder's rungs are missing and broken.
Yet, my dear, sweet little friend, there are fortunate few among you who
enter the door to the hallowed halls where you daily dine.
Those whose hearts are compassioned, charitable and kind.
 Those who will always remember that I was yours.
And that you were mine.
-David Saks-

“And that inverted Bowl we call The Sky,
Whereunder crawling coop't we live and die,
Lift not thy hands to it for help -- for It
Rolls impotently on as Thou or I.”

Omar Khayyám
b. May 18th 1048 - d. December 4th 1131


"David, my darling, the Jabberwock stalks the
campus of Southwestern (Rhodes College)"
Colyar Banks
(December 1, 1953 - February 10, 2007)


"'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe."

"Jabberwocky" written by Lewis Carroll (b. 27th January 1832 - d. 14th January 1898)
Illustration by Sir John Tenniel (b. 28th February 1820 - d. 25th February 1914)

- COLYAR BANKS, born December 1, 1953, died unexpectedly at her home Saturday, February 10, 2007. She earned a bachelors degree at Southwestern (now Rhodes) College and a masters degree at Memphis State University (now the University of Memphis). She taught English as a second language and freshman composition for a number of years at Memphis State and Southwest Tennessee Community College. A lover of music and literature, she sang, played the flute, and wrote poetry for her friends and family.

Once upon a time David was Colyar's companion.

They lived together till David left for war in the Middle East in 1974.

Never again did David and Colyar live together.

But they always loved each other.


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 Alma Mater & Fight Song

Alma Mater

Dear Alma Mater, kind the fate
That links our lives with Thee,
For God’s own power that made Thee great
Is the truth that makes us free;

Thy torch has touched our hearts with flame,
Our yearning souls refined,
Through Thee we learn the higher aim,
And train the truer mind.

O Leader to the larger light,

Rhodes College ‘neath Thy wings

Thine own in rev’rent love unite,
And each a tribute brings;

And dreams, such dreams as old can dream,
And visions youth can see,
Keep lighted in our hearts the flame
Once kindled there of Thee.



Fight Song - Lynx March

Roll Lynx Roll !

Roll, roll, roll, roll, Lynx-team roll on!
Fight, fight, fight ‘til vic-t’ry is won!
Our team will win vic-t’ry again;
Lynx team won’t give in! (RAH! RAH! RAH!)
L—Y—N—X Lynx team roll on;
Vic-t’ry is our cry!
Come on and fight, fight, fight, Rhodes College,

Roll, Lynx, Roll !

Written by Prof. Charles Mosby ’51


The David Saks Show - WLYX Radio FM 89
Rhodes College 1990
David Saks may seem very docile, mysterious and different on first impression.
However, he is a remarkable man. Saks is highly independent and self-sufficient.
His exceptional intelligence, sense of humor and wisdom are quickly noticed upon interaction with him.
He is a respectable man and many are deeply and positively affected by his very cordial, warm and sincere nature.
Saks is not one to attract people on the basis of his warmth or compassion, however - though he is loaded with both - but because of his obvious insight and common sense.
Saks may appear to be hard to get to know and is often withdrawn, but this is the fabric of a rather modest man. It is common for people to see his focus turn inside of himself in the middle of a conversation.
Saks clearly has the makings of an intellectual, but he has, in remarkably humble fashion, guarded against arrogance and an attitude of "I've got it all figured out".
There have been periods in Saks' life when he had little concern for style, while at other times he is very aware of his surrounding and uses it to make a specific impression.
Saks appears dignified no matter how he perceives the moment, but he is a rather well groomed man with a touch of dash and definitely has some advantages.
Saks is quiet and never self-aggrandizing although his confidence increases when he knows he is well received.
Saks is a gifted musician, an extraordinary pianist, brilliant, spiritual, religious, and a romantic at heart with his very own ideas regarding the purpose of life which at times tragically self-inflict controversy for him.
He is an inspired speaker and conversationalist to a distinctly greater extent or degree than is common when discussing subjects that interest him.
Otherwise, Saks is not one for chatter.
His love of knowledge and his wisdom manifest of such surpassing excellence as to suggest divine inspiration.
David Saks first arrived on the Southwestern at Memphis  / Rhodes College campus in 1970.
Although a Rhodes student, and awarded a scholarship, he never chased a degree.
David's loyalty, respect, devotion and great love for learning, the piano and Rhodes College are distinctive characteristics that have distinguished him as a beloved member of the community.

 The Rules of Life

Given to David by His Friend
Dr.Joseph Krisak
Born: March 14th 1950 - Died: January 25th 2921
"In my lifetime I had never had a better friend than Joseph Krisak.
Joe was an extraordinary man possessed of the courage to address
the most difficult problems impacting our lives.
He understood the fragile nature of the course of existence of the individual,
the actions and events that occur in living, the dynamism of energy
of both action and expression in personality.
Joe understood well the various theories, doctrines and philosophical systems
that attempted to explain the phenomena of the universe in terms of immanent force and energy.
The University of Memphis, Rhodes College, among other colleges and universities,
are better institutions of learning because of Dr. Krisak.
His strong, positive regard and affection for his colleagues,
friends and family was eminent beyond comparison and stood above all others.
Joe was dearly loved.
His absence leaves us with great loss and sadness,
but the thought of Joe will forever remain a benediction
within the hearts of all who knew him."
- David Saks -"
1. Give only what you wish to receive.

2. For everything you have to do, do everything you have.

3. Never cheat.

4. Never lie.

5. Never give up.

6. Know that the strong do not harm the weak and that only the weak wish to do harm.

7. Give respect by your behavior, command respect, and show courtesy in all things.

8. Give to each according to their needs, and ask of each according to their capabilities.

9. Never shame or humiliate your fellow beings.

10. Accept responsibility for your actions and demand that others accept responsibility for theirs.

Rhodes In The Fall
David Saks
August 16, 1991


Find understanding
Open your eyes
You'll see the truth
Beneath God's blue skies

And together we'll find love
And learn as we grow
When the seasons change
That's when you'll know

My friend till I see you again
Within this hallowed hall
My heart will be in Memphis
 Here at Rhodes in the Fall

The past is behind us
Listen to the future call
We'll be together in Memphis
 At Rhodes in the fall

If one wish can come true
If your dreams are mine
My science, my ethics,
Your music and rhyme

The trees on North Parkway
Stand tall as we adjourn
This promise I'll keep you
While I wait for your return
My friend till I see you again
Within this hallowed hall
My heart will be in Memphis
At Rhodes in the fall

The past is behind us
Listen to the future call
We'll be together in Memphis
At Rhodes in the fall

The Most Honorable Caretaker Emeritus
Southwestern Hall ~ Rhodes College
Beloved Friend of David Saks

"For God"
Piano Solo
"Forgiveness is the fragrance that
the violet has shed on the heel that has crushed it."
-Mark Twain-

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