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The Buffalo Stamp Mystery

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The Buffalo Stamp Mystery

The rarest and most valuable stamp error in the entire history of philately ?

United States Scott Catalog© #1392

The American Buffalo Stamp With A Missing Penis

The American Buffalo was printed on a rotary press through

an electric eye guided machine on plates of 200 subjects in four panes of 50.

Issued on July 20, 1970, my mother's 38th birthday and

one year after the moon landing, the American Buffalo is a black

and light brown stamp tagged with phosphorescent, fluorescent,

luminescent ink and paper to facilitate mail handling.


The normal American Buffalo stamp is depicted here.


The American Buffalo stamp that I've discovered

with a missing penis is shown here.


 The Moral :

Don't Get Cheated When Buying Or Selling Stamps

The Buffalo Stamp With A Missing Penis Is Not For Sale !

Why ? Because It Doesn't Really Exist !

Why ? Because It's A Photoshopped Fake !


Before You Invest In Stamps Do Your Homework ! 

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