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The Buffalo Stamp Mystery

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The Buffalo Stamp Mystery


I have discovered what may be the greatest find in philatelic history.

United States Scott Catalog© #1392 The American Buffalo stamp with a missing penis.

The American Buffalo was printed on a rotary press through an electric eye guided machine

on plates of 200 subjects in four panes of 50.

Issued on July 20, 1970, my mother's 38th birthday and one year after the moon landing,

the American Buffalo is a black and light brown stamp tagged with

phosphorescent, fluorescent, luminescent ink and paper to facilitate mail handling.

The normal American Buffalo stamp is depicted here.


The American Buffalo stamp that I have discovered with the missing penis is shown here.


It's not for sale because it's one of my twisted pranks.

The moral is:
Don't get screwed by a crooked stamp dealer !

They're out there !

Research the American Philatelic Society Disciplinary Action list of

suspended and expelled members and dealers by clicking here !

Join the American Philatelic Society !

They've got your back !

My Business Card
by David Saks
Take my business card
It's plain, not much to see
Maybe some day you'll find it again
And have nice thoughts of me
Keep it in your favorite book
Or underneath your phone
Right there on the table
Somewhere inside your home
Here's my business card
Please take it in your hand
I hope one day we'll meet again
Till then please understand
It's just my business card
Call me when it's right
But darling you're the only girl
Who can call me late at night


"The Other Monkey"
Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy
"The Music Box" 1932

"Good or bad, handsome or ugly, rich or poor, the dead are all equal."
Stanley Kubrick (b.1928 - d.1999) Film Director/Producer

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