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The Snob

The Snob

A Fat Golden Crown-Wearing Green-Eyed Rat With Pigs Feet

Dressed In A Colorful Robe Sticking It's Tongue Out

Surrounded By Green Cheese & Diamonds

The Upward Position Of The Tongue Is Representative Of

"Compulsive Upspeak"

A 4"x3.5" Watercolor by David Saks

"To David - from Spanky McFarland"
Alfalfa, Darla, Spanky & Buckwheat
The Little Rascals - Our Gang 
Spanky Surprised David With A Birthday Call
And Spent The Day With Him On August 1st 1990

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 Compulsive Upspeak, a sharp rise in the inflection and pitch contour of any speaker which indicates

a transitional pattern of stress through intonation accompannied by the act of modifying

or adjusting the inflection commensurate with the speakers relative degree of uncertainity

as to how they are being interpreted, suggests an acute level of vulnerability, insecurity and anxiety.

Therapy includes politely requesting the speaker to shut the hell up.

-David Saks-