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 Horrific danger ensues when any nation is starving.
Extreme poverty, destitution, homelessness and hunger can
deprive the great strength of America and our friends throughout the entire world.
My nation will terminate the act of price gouging by greed-driven corporations
and retailers who price food, housing and fuel above normal market conditions.
They must no longer deprive our men, women and children of
that which is necessary to sustain life.
We will end homelessness, starvation and war.
-David Saks-

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 From my heart I extend my gratitude, loyalty and love for the
the faculty, administration, students and staff of Rhodes College.
You are a benediction to all mankind, to all entering your consecrated domain.
You fill my heart with music. You are "Cardiophonic".

Always remember, my children, to not be loved is life's greatest tragedy.