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David Saks Is A
Quarter Century-Plus Member
The American Philatelic Society
Member Of
The Memphis Stamp Collectors Society

Crossword Puzzle Author
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Get Help With Your Collection
Please fill in as much information as you can, or send a note without any personal information if you're uncomfortable sending it over the web & press the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.
You may also bring your collection to any meeting of
The Memphis Stamp Collectors Society
Meetings are the FIRST Thursday of the Month unless a Federal Holiday, or otherwise annotated. Most meetings include a club auction of stamps and related materials.
6:30PM - Social
7:00PM - Meeting

Name: Daytime Phone:
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What Type Of Stamps are you Selling?:
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Plate Block
First Day Covers
United Nations
What form are they in?
Albums How many albums?
Stock Books How many stock books?
Mint Sheet Folders How many mint sheet folders?
Boxes How many boxes and what size?
Other Please Describe

What year did you start collecting these stamps?  
How many years did you actively add to the collection?  
Please specify where you bought or acquired your stamps. If by auction, which auction?
If stamp dealers, which dealers?
Post Office?
Where else?
How much did you spend for your stamps?
What is the value of your collection?
How did you arrive at the value of the stamps? (catalog value, face value, cost?)
Catalog value, if known. (Specify catalog and year of the catalog.)
What stamp or stamp set is your most valuable?
When do you plan on selling your stamps?

eMail - DavidSaks@DavidSaks.Com


David Is A Life Member Of
The American Philatelic Society

Welcome To All Of My Wonderful Friends Throughout The Entire World !
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